Welcome to the Media Collaboratory

Collaborate Brilliantly

The Media Collaboratory is a full service, script-to-screen media design, video production, and project management company with 30 plus years of experience located in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky.

Professional Video Production & Content Creation

 From corporate communications and training to non-profit and documentary, we create and curate award-winning video-based content for regional to international clients.

Script-to-Screen Content Creation

Here's a taste of all the ways we can help incubate your idea

Concept & Design

You have an idea; an incredible one. We can help you craft it into an amazing story, if not more. One simple concept can lead to a world of possibility. Let's lay the groundwork together.

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Media Production

We harness the power of your idea through professional video production. We understand that stories should not have a one-size fits all approach, so we are a lean, scalable team that works to meet the needs of your project. This remains true from the shoot to post-production.

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Project Management

We understand that your stories need to have an impact that lasts. We build customer relationships through project management that handles the needs of the now while also preparing your ongoing story for the future. See how our we can help curate your message.

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The Media Collaboratory

We are an employee-owned company that takes pride not only in our work, but the power behind your story


About Our Team

The Media Collaboratory is an incubator – where ideas and design come together in unique new-media solutions. To accomplish this, we assemble the best team of award-winning producers and collaborators with you in mind; your idea, your budget, your project. We’re employee-owned, hand-crafted and dedicated with over 30 years of collective experience. From our facility in Lexington, Kentucky, we handle script to screen design and production for customers worldwide.

About Our Collaborators

Over the years, the Media Collaboratory has established strong relationships with award-winning artisans from all over the nation and world, hence the name. We collaborate so that we can better suit the needs of any scale of project. Whether your vision is grand or small, our team of drone pilots, 3D animators, actors, voice artists, PR specialists, musicians, translators, designers, and virtual reality authors (just to name a few) are here to help. 

Oh, and one of them helps compose music for Twin Peaks. Cool? Cool.