Robert Tipton

President, Producer/Director

Robert Tipton

Media Collaboratory President, Robert Tipton first took an interest in the art of moving images with a childhood love of stop motion animation and Universal monster movies. He now brings that love of storytelling, filmmaking and graphic design to our growing family of customers and partners.

Robert comes to the Media Collaboratory with a B.A. in Broadcasting and Electronic Media (with an emphasis on Film Technologies and Techniques) from Eastern Kentucky University, experience in broadcast news and cable program production, and a deep repository of technical knowledge.

He brings unique aesthetic sensibilities and a respect for a customer’s objectives, utilizing a skill set that runs the gamut from copy writing, quality camera work, editing and a specialty in motion graphics.

As a senior producer, Robert is a road warrior (having filmed on both coasts and multiple countries) and manages award-winning projects that run the gamut from social media content, training, marketing, non-profit, corporate communications to broadcast documentary production – most of which script to screen. He approaches each and every project passionately and with the willingness to immerse himself fully into a client’s culture.

When Robert’s not working on your next project, he spends his free time with his cat, running long distances, working on creative ventures with his lovely girlfriend, fumbling around with photography, and collecting vinyl records. He also obsessively extols the virtues of Boston sports much to the chagrin and disdain of his peers. If he starts ranting about the 2004 ALCS or 2002 Snow Bowl, just humor him.