Beyond Video

We take video solutions into new directions to help benefit you


In addition to video, we also offer photography packages both in the field and in our studio. These range from portrait and behind the scenes/candid to product photography using mirrorless and full frame cameras.

Legal Services

We have been cultivating strong relationships with our legal community for many years. Ranging from Day in the Life videos, recreations, animation, expert witness, and anything in between, we have experience working with a variety of law firms in their legal media needs.

You can also trust in us to keep any and all information that your law firm shares with us confidential. We understand how crucial is to your firm and your client, and our team is there to help yours win the case.

Corporate E-Learning Platforms

We work with companies to help foster their corporate culture through instructional and educational media, especially with Moodle. By collaborating with programmers and designers, we can create e-learning platforms for you!

Archival Services & Curation

All data needs a backup. Think of us as your backup for your entire media library. The cherry on top? All data in house has multiple points of redundancy as well. We not only operate as your back-up for all media and data, we serve as a digital library resource so that your media can be easily located for continued future use. We log all data in easy to reference records so that footage shot years ago and be easily put to use right when you need it.

Consumer Services & Duplication

What's in your attic?  Not only can we transfer photos and slides to digital images, but we also convert VHS or any tape to DVD. We can also digitize these into MP4s for constant future use.

We have a whole host of duplication and analog capture devices to preserve all your old media at affordable rates usually with same day service. Come visit us!

International Services & Translation

Hello, hola, Ohayou gozaimasu, Bon Giorno, Ni hao, Guten Tag!  We serve a variety of international customers with language translation services and multicultural design solutions. Shukran, gracias, merci, dhaniawad, thank you!

We have a host of translators and speakers most commonly in Spanish (even per region and dialect), Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Russian, though our reach can beyond that through our team of collaborators.  

Our team also has 30 plus years of experience traveling the world and working with numerous global institutions. If your project needs extra care for an international audience, we're here to help!

Check out some of our professional examples of voice-over and sub-title translation below!