Media Collaboratory Show Reel 2020

Our brand new show reel highlighting some of our favorite work and jobs from 2019 and 2020



Our 2019-2020 show reel is coming out in a completely different world from the one we had known a year and a half ago. If anything, 2020 is a lesson in contrasts for us here at the Media Collaboratory; a reminder that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. 

This show reel is a testament to so many great experiences for both us and our customers: that our team’s hard work and commitment to relationships coupled with well-crafted stories really do pay off. Examples like these are what centers us back to why we chose to become video content creators in the first place, and we truly believe that this commitment is what will help us weather any uncertainty ahead

We also recently updated our porfolio page, so make sure to check full versions of the the video we produced that made it in this reel and more