Cinematic Arts – The Pencil of the 21st Century

It’s how we communicate, how we see the world, how we teach and how we learn.

It’s how we communicate, how we see the world, how we teach and how we learn.  Cinematic Arts encompasses the full array of sensory perception into one storytelling medium.  Words, graphics, sounds, visuals, performance, music and pacing all acting together to make a point, create a memory, or make a moment come to life.  Cinematic arts is the pencil of the 21st century!

It has been calculated that 65% of people are visual learners.  If you investigate Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, you begin to see a world where successful communication requires paying attention to more than the word, more than speaking and more than just the visual. No wonder YouTube has become such a phenomenon and social media is covered with digital media content.  We are in a generation of multi-sensory, multi-media aficionados.  Beyond the baby boomers growing up on television, Gen X and the millennials have grown up with access to full multi-media tools and experiences, with virtual reality waiting in the wings.

Yet, it is still possible, and in fact necessary to keep it simple and stay on the point when creating a message.  We, at the Media Collaboratory, call on our partners from all the disciplines for even the smallest projects.  Great camera work, motion graphics, a music drop here, a sound effect there.  We make sure all the senses are represented in every communication (except maybe this one!).

Call it video content.  Call it digital media.  Call it what you want.  Let there be light, sound, words, graphics, motion, pictures… and let there be great storytelling. Cinematic Arts – the Pencil of the 21st Century… at the Media Collaboratory.