Explosive Growth in Digital Video Marketing

Management and continuous improvement became the concepts of the day

Explosive growth. Interesting concept. We were just reflecting on how the American business culture changed, quickly, in the 1980s with the (re)introduction of the Deming System by the Japanese. Boom! Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement became the concepts of the day…concepts that provide great value today.

The acceleration of processes and technologies that followed was brisk and in our field of film/video communication it became a horserace. Linear, analog production techniques became nonlinear and digital. So again, Boom! Visual storytelling experienced explosive growth with cable, then Internet pipelines craving content. Included in that explosion was the ability to track and capture user data like never before imagined.

The U.S. digital video marketing industry expected to grow to $135 billion in 2017, according to a new study by mobile video platform Magisto and reported by Forbes. This includes the cost of design, production, as well as hosting, distribution and analytics. This is where YOU come in. You can’t afford to be on the sidelines for this boom market. Younger audiences are image and video driven and the massive online video market is directly attributable to media channels created by them and for them. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others push far more video content than the commercials of “the last century.”

“But wait! There’s more!” To a large degree, the consumer is in control of content, which is perfect for media design and production organizations like The Media Collaboratory. We’re nimble, receptive to new ideas and, with our collaborators, able to create any imaginable visual solution. One of the great things about collaboration is our ability to tap excellent talent “just in time,” saving our customers time and money while bringing fresh ideas to each project. Beautiful visuals, anime, original music, script-to- screen design and production, multinational translations for our customers around the world…. Boom!