New Year, New Success

2018 was a huge milestone for Media Collaboratory, but 2019 is shaping up to be even better!


Even for a production company with a storied history such as ours, 2018 was a game changer. Throughout our office's hallways, pictures line the walls documenting awards and grand productions from years past. After this year, we'll certainly being add quite a few more. A whole lot more.

Not only did we tackle many new and unique projects, we filmed in brand new, exciting geographic territories as well. Surprisingly in our 30+ year history, we have filmed all over the world but never in the Pacific Northwest. This year, we did not one but two major productions in the Washington State, and now that we have that under our belts, we may have to relocate... Just kidding, we love our old Kentucky home and commuting down the I-5 is not fun.

One of these productions ended up spanning most of the United States, starting in Tacoma and wrapping up in our own neck of the woods, Georgetown, KY. This yielded an award winning film that had the honor of premiering in Singapore. This project was just proof positive that though we may be a small company, with the right amount of research, pre-production and project management, and a strong commitment to adaptation, we can successfully handle any challenge presented to us once given the opportunity.  We remain small to stay nimble and focused on what's important: your story. We will always maintain the flexibility to scale up or down based on what's appropriate for your story and content so that you get everything you bargained for and a little more.

Throughout the year, we filmed in New York, New Jersey, Washington, West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Iceland, and all over our great home state of Kentucky.  We also got to meet new friends and collaborators along the way, both local and abroad. Whether it was working with drone and video crews from Alaska, experienced DPs in New York, or incredible people right here in Lexington, we can say we're fortunate enough to get to work with some of the most talented people working in our industry today.

In addition to our numerous travels and video content creation projects, we produced and coordinated six major corporate event productions involving content creation, multi-camera shoots, streaming, and more work hours than you can imagine, all of which ended with ebullient faces and rave reviews. We even filmed a music video in a hemp field including full-on dance choreography. This could be a first in the history of mankind (don't doubt us haha).  We also helped another major corporate partner launch into a new stratosphere of video marketing, embarking upon a new series of marketing videos utilizing fresh and innovative visual storytelling techniques to help their cranes hit new markets and audiences. We even painted our studio cyc wall white along with new lighting (we'll talk about that more in a future blog post). Truly, this was a year marked with new experiences and improving for the better.

Ultimately in 2018, we continued to strengthen our core set of current customers while growing with an ever increasing international client list.  We continued to uphold and improve upon our core values: tell an amazing story and maintain relationships for life. We want to thank the countless support of our customers, our collaborators, friends, and family; without you, 2018 would not have been a roaring success.

Check out the latest reel to see how fun 2018 was for us, and be on the lookout for an even better 2019. We've already been back to New York and Georgia, and it's only three weeks in.

Now, we're on to 2019, and we're officially putting 2018 in the rearview mirror starting in 3... 2... 1...