Concept & Design

One simple idea leads to a world of possibility.

New Media Solutions

In our 30 years of business, we've helped tell many stories utilizing the power of digital media and video. From corporate communications, instruction and training, marketing and promotional to documentaries and event videography, we have seen it all. We know that in order to craft a well executed story, you need a solid plan to know how to start and how to cross the finish line. Here's how we help you get started.

The possibilities for showcasing your story are now limitless. With that in mind, we create most of our programming with a cross-platform design. For instance, the client sends a tweet that links to a video on their website that provides an advance look at a new product, offering or white paper, and the promotional video is accompanied on the website by the full version of the content.

Our clients turn to us for downloadable and streaming video elements as well as video blogs and educational packages. Where ever you want your story to be told, we're here to make sure it connects with everyone who needs to experience it.


Every story starts with an idea, and we can help grow yours. We offer pre-production, copy writing, producing, and project management that bring your story from script to screen.

Whether you are entering our building or reaching out to us via the web, you are treated like a true partner and collaborator on a project. If you are in the Central Kentucky area, we invite you to have a seat with us in our brain lab or in one of our creative suites to expand upon your vision so that it can be properly executed come production. We then work to storyboard and script in house as well as plan budgets and schedules so that your time and money are spent wisely.

We also can work with you through a myriad of platforms available online including OneDrive and Google Drive, as well as meeting you where you are. First impressions are important!

Ultimately, we treat this stage with the care it deserves, as it is not only the first step to building a lasting story, but a lasting relationship as well.