Crafting a complete story through editing, motion graphics, sound, and more.


It's all in the name! Originally called Video Editing Services for 30 plus years, we have prided ourselves in crafting stories through the art of powerful editing.  We utilized state-of-the-art editing suites to handle video and media content of all types (from analog to RAW).  We also encourage our clients to join along; our suites create unique and stimulating experiences to get you in the perfect creative space.

We operate with the full host of Creative Cloud products as well as additional industry leading plug-ins and color correction tools on both Mac and PC platforms. We also able to up-convert and capture generally most analog media for editing use, including Beta, DVCPro, and mini-DV.

We also offer transcription services with time-codes to help make reviewing hours of interview footage into a breeze.

Whether it's video, audio, photography, or design, our award-winning editing chops bring your projects to life!

2D & 3D Graphics

Every project requires a unique graphic approach. We work with a dynamic group of artists and animators from around the world to help visualize your ideas in two and three dimensions. Hand drawn or digital illustrations, animated characters, glowing corporate logos and font treatments all are available.

Our digital suites are also built to easily handle heavy After Effects workflows with a wide range of plug-ins to give your story extra punch.

Post Scoring & Sound Design

We know the power of music and sound design to influence an audience. Our musical partnerships originated back-in-the-day when senior producer Arthur Rouse was making time on the "Chitlin Circuit."

We also understand how proper sound design truly brings to life the images we create. It's evident in the video we shoot to the motion graphics we design; sound makes a difference in the stories that truly captivate an audience.

We maintain an ongoing relationship with post-score and sound design professionals in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Nashville, Detroit and Tallahassee. We also maintain a library of license-free songs and sounds tailor-picked for your project. Sounds like a winner for you!

Distribution Options

The finish line is the successful viewing of the final product, and we deliver the program with that end in mind. That's why our initial design includes a discussion about your end user. Your program can be delivered through online playback, hand-held devices, Blu-ray, DVD, CD-R, tape or broadcast--formatted for all international zones.

We also work to maximize your story's outreach and effectiveness on social media. We do regular follow-ups and monitoring to ensure that your product is doing what you hope to achieve. This is a vital step in not only strengthening your vision's performance, but also our relationship with you as well.