Video-Based Production

Scalable video production to suit your story's needs.

Video Production

The art-design of your story will inform the style of the images we create. In some cases, simplicity is best. In other instances, the more exotic, the better.

We work with you to choose the format and tools that best fit your design and budget requirements. 4K cine cameras including the FS5 I and II along with RAW external recording via Atomos Shoguns are available along with all types of camera movement accessories including drone, motorized movement, and a cinematic jib arm.  We also film with the Panasonic GH5 and Sony A7 III, and our wide array of lenses ranges from a kit of cine primes and cine zoom to native Micro 4/3 mount, EF mount, and E mount.

Many of our producers come from both digital cinema and journalism backgrounds, so we pride ourselves in our news gathering efficiency while maintaining the cinematic scope you want. We are nimble enough to keep production lean and affordable but adept enough to expand to whatever size your production ultimately requires; it's based on what your story truly needs.

We also offer many lighting and grip packages to provide cinematic quality to your production, both in studio and in the field. Our inventory includes fixtures such as the latest in Aputure (including the Aputure C300d II), a wide array of RGB fictures, and traditional Mole Richardson and Arri studio fixtures, such as multiple 2K Baby Zip Softlites.

Ultimately, our team of producers and collaborators are able to fulfill all the rigors of any sized production to bring your story to life. Remember: one simple idea, a world of possibility!

Live-streaming and Multi-Camera Broadcast

If you have internet and an small to medium sized event to film and broadcast, we can do it! With our VR-1HD, we can switch up to four sources (either straight HDMI or converted from SDI) to a master mix for broadcast or livestream utilizing your platform of choice. We've done small events for customers such as the University of KentuckyMidway UniversityHunt Brothers, Gray Construction to even Tyler Childers!

We also have a wide array of cable, converters, switches, capture devices, and audio boards. Wireless transmission upon special request.

Multi-Purpose Studio

Our multi-purpose studio features a 180 degree cyc white wall, portable 12x12 green screen, studio lighting, 360° motorized Lazy Susan, sound proofing, and multiple areas for different backdrops and other points of customization perfect for video production and photography. We also offer multiple grip packages for various camera and lighting set-ups. If your story needs an unique approach, our studio is there to help.

Our studio is also available for rent to any video or photography-based artists in need of affordable space. Our producers and tools are also available to help with what you aim to accomplish.